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Looking to increase your conversion rate, brand awareness, or just explain a topic to your audience without losing their interest? Our expert video creation can do just that and more!

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54% Consumers want to see more video content from their brands

65% Marketers are satisfied of their video marketing ROI

88% more time is spent by users on a page that has a video

How Can We Help?

Your product could be the best in the world and the cheapest, but that doesn’t mean it will sell. Our marketing experts can bring you up to date animated content that will boost your conversions more than ever before.

Explainer Animation

Create an outstanding Explainer Animation Video. Explain topics, products, or teach strategies in a simple Explainer Video.

Promotional Video

Create an Animated Promotional Video for your business. Increase awareness, state your mission and tell your story.

Logo Animation

You probably already have a logo, but when it comes to videos or any animated content, we can breathe life into your logo.

Check out some of the most well-known companies we’ve worked with, recognize any of them?

Our team specializes in creating relevant content custom-tailored to each business we work with, generating results that surpass even the biggest businesses.


Our Creation Process (Broken Down Into Titles With Explanation)

1. Briefing

We’ll focus on gathering as much information as possible in order to create a video that fulfills the purpose of your video, as well as duration, Animation style, and other choices.

3. Storyboard

This is where you’ll see the video come together. The overview will have the basic order and concepts for each individual section of the video and the general layout of the project.

5. Voice over

Here we’ll work with a professional voice over artist who can encapsulate the mission and tone of your message.

7. Sound Design

In the final step, we’ll put together the sounds and music that will complete your video. The music and sound effects will complete the listeners viewing experience.

2. Script

You can’t have a good explainer video without the core information being solid. This is where we’ll create a script that is precise, to the point and reads in the same lingo as your audience.

4. Illustrations

Creating a unique illustration style that will set your video apart from the other businesses’ content. We’ll be sure to create something that matches and compliments your brand perfectly.

6. Animation ( Bringing it to Life)

Approaching the final project, this is where you’ll see the biggest change. During this stage, our animators will put their spark of magic into the video and create animations that fit your custom requests for the video!

Why use Animated Video Content on Your Website?

With increased conversions, longer customer retention, and higher click-through rates, the real question is why not choose animated video content?

Introduce Products & Concepts

Whether you’ve got a product/service you think would help your customers, or you’ve got a basic concept you’d like to explain, we can make a fun and easy-to-watch video that gets the point across.

Boost Your Engagement

Quickly level up your engagement on your website with an explainer video. These short videos are easy to watch compared to paragraphs of text, and are highly digestible to new or recurring visitors.

Intrigue Your Audience

You have something your audience is interested in, so why not make it interesting to watch? Video content is a great way to develop a good relationship with your visitors and get them in the loop on new & exciting products or topics.

Spread Your Awareness

Increase brand awareness along with your mission. Introducing your purpose as a business can help tremendously with sales, especially when it is in a form that people like to watch!

Upgrade Conversion-Rates

One of the most important things when selling your product or service is letting your prospects know why they would benefit from your product. The easier people can grasp the benefits, the higher your conversion rates will go.

Gain High-Value Leads

With a prospect watching one of your videos, when they decide to get serious and take action, they will already know a majority of the information needed to buy. Make it a simple process for your visitors with an explainer video.

Build Your Brand

Each and every word on your website tells a story, and it’s up to you to make it a thrilling and captivating one.

Using animated video content for certain parts of your sales process is an extremely efficient method to skyrocket your conversion rates, returning customers, and make the buying process much easier and more enjoyable for your visitors.

✔️ Convert Shoppers into Buyers.
✔️ Work with Veteran Marketing Experts
✔️ Unique to Your Brand
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Collaborate with us for an easy, exciting, and beneficial experience.

Get amazing videos and even better results along with our other clients who’ve got the proof to show for it!

“We sent across quite an ambitious brief for this video and were thrilled that the outcome met our expectations completely. We sent the video back for revisions which was never an issue and they were completed quickly and efficiently. Big thank you to those who worked on this”

Alex Adam

Founder-  Aiculus
“This was Our first video explainer, So we had to trust Itevs Studios’ methodology. It worked. I’m looking forward to working with them again really soon. Really Happy and Recommended it to anyone. “

Alex Adam

Co-Founder-  ORO
“Thank you once again for the incredible work Itevs studios team have delivered. My clients and briefs are very detail-oriented they you have always delivered to our high expectations. Thank you!”

Alex Adam

Founder-  Themefic

A huge step forward for your business is within arms reach..

No matter what business you run, or what you need marketing for, our explainer videos have helped hundreds of
businesses just like yours.

Rated 5/5 based on
111 Google reviews

Rated 5/5 based on
111 Google reviews

Rated 5/5 based on
111 Google reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve already answered some of our commonly asked questions.

Why Should you Choose Itevs Studios as your Video Company?
Here at Itevs Studios, not only do we care for your company and your results, but we take pride in our own work. And with each and every member included in our team having outstanding qualifications and talent, there’s no reason for you not to!

Plus, when it comes to making animated video content, there’s no one more skilled or more enthusiastic about our industry as us. With an Ironclad and air-tight creation process, we’re bound to create the perfect piece(s) of content for your unique business.

How much do our video production services cost?
Although the pricing of any given piece of content we may create ranges on length, detail, creation time, and other factors, most animated videos we create for our clients can range from $2000 to $10000

Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact quote before discussing the scope of your project beforehand.. However, if you’d like to get a quote on your project feel free to contact us anytime!

How Long Does It Take?
Although it may seem like an easy feat, it takes quite a bit of effort and time in order to put together one of our animated explainer videos. There’s tons of time allotted to research, preparation, production, revisions, and finalizing your animated video.

With that said, we still like to maintain a timeline for each project that will leave us the time needed to create an amazing finished project without keeping you waiting too long. You can expect your project to be completed within 7 days to 1 Month.

However, if that’s already too long we do offer an expedited delivery option, meaning you’ll get your animated video quicker for a higher price.

What includes Our Explainer service?
Included in our explainer service is everything needed to have an immersive, compelling video that tells your brand’s, product’s, or a concept’s story perfectly. You’ll be getting everything from input to the initial style of the video to making changes to the final product once it’s done!

You’ll also be getting the exclusive attention from our team of experts, who all specialize in specific aspects of creating a phenomenal explainer video for your business. From the director to the script-writer to the animator, you’ll have the best in the business at your side, all contracted from one spot!

Can You Benefit from More Than One Video?
Of Course you can! We know all kinds of businesses that have ordered another or multiple more videos after seeing how the first one came out. Tons of businesses like to have these explainer videos spread out through their sales funnels, in their training courses, or for different products on their website.
Depending on your business structure, there could absolutely be a use for having multiple of our animated videos in your business, and we’d love to create them!
What’s the best way to get started?
The best and easiest way to get started is by going to our ‘contact us’ page and filling out the form in order to fill us in on the general scope of the project and what kind of business you’re a part of.

From there we’ll get you a quote based on the scope of the project and get a good time scheduled to hop on the phone and fill out the rest of the details before beginning your custom animated video.

If you’re unsure about the general details of your project but have a few questions for us, feel free to use one of the alternative communication methods listed at the top of our contact us page. We’d love to hear from you!

What payment options are available?
Sometimes having limited payment options can make it difficult to get a project started, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to make this part of the process as easy as possible.

Regarding payment options, you’re able to use either electronic transfer, or direct deposit. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payment methods don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be sure to answer your questions as soon as possible!

What languages do you cover with your services?
Communication between our team and you and your team is essential when creating a piece of animated video content. The main language we use when working with our client is English, however we are also able to work the following languages: (INSERT LANGUAGES HERE).

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